OM●TENASHI™ is not only the general examination for individuals, also has established system of collective examination of businesses, schools, shops and the other any organizations. In this case, each company, school, test date to suit the convenience of the organization, you can specify your setting of the venue. Please use it for training, education and so on.


Group Examination

Examination fee: 1,200 baht/person

Registration number: 10 or more people

Payment deadline: two weeks before
        *Additional Fee +300 baht/person for the day of payment 13 days before to on the test date

How to apply: Group examination application form through bellow button.
        *Please contact us if you can not provide a venue.

Application deadline: one month before the desired test date

Group Examination Application Form




受験料: 1,200バーツ/1人

申込人数: 10名以上

支払期限: 試験日の2週間前 ※13日前~当日払いは+300バーツ/1人

申込方法: 以下の[Apply]ボタンよりお進みいただき、お申込みください。


申込期限: 希望受験日の1ヶ月前

Group Examination Application Form