■ Who wants to work in Japan 
    In Japan, towards the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held in 2020, also due to the aging society, the acceptance system of foreign workers has become a necessity. However, the quality of work that Japanese companies to be the receiving side is seeking, such as the habit of foreign workers has provided a large gap that occurs from the difference of culture, and has become one of the challenges. So, knowing the Japanese hospitality culture through OM●TENASHI™ test, available to lowering the threshold for work in Japan.

■ Who wants to improve his/her skills 
    We have positioned the hospitality and "second education". OM●TENASHI™ is merely a test, its enrich the mind by learning the "heart of hospitality", It is the thing which can be a skills to enrich and thus life of its people. OM●TENASHI™ is not a knowledge of mere, it is a wisdom that was accompanied by practice.

■ At the time of interview in foreign companies
    With the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to be established in 2015 year-end, it seems that it now is increasingly Bangkok gather international human resources. Bangkok at the enterprise side, when you look at the various countries of human resources, because there also differences in business customs and culture, it is also a pattern that you feel embarrassed to its adoption criteria. Learn where to universal Japan hospitality spirit will be carried out in all ages, it will be advantageously led to the interview.


■ At the time of interviewing foreign national applicants 
    That employ foreigners with different culture, even while understanding the benefits of some or worship, it is not associated with the risk at the same time. OM●TENASHI™'s score, not foresee the interview in one (or more times), because the numbers that appear as a result of measure unique to Japan of hospitality spirit, hospitality of mind (human force), invites you to one of the inclusion criteria.
■ For in-house training 
    If the job that the world of the job think that does not hold a single person, all occupations Speaking in a broad sense can say is that it is a service industry. If this is the service industry, you E has an important element that would learn the heart of this hospitality. To the bottom raising of human force skills of employees, Please use.

■ For education of expartiates 
    Country different culture if Different. Also different customs Different culture, of course, it will also be different business practices. At OM●TENASHI™, these countries and regions, that is agnostic in religion and age, you can to learn the universal spirit.

■ For new store staff training 
    Personal level etiquette, that of course the business manners in the society of the students up, customer service, to learn from the hospitality spirit to the hospitality of the excitement level, or their hospitality skills any stage, where such whether the place it should aim, such as You can take advantage to education.

■ For promotion requirements
    As a condition for the position to put together the people, also in the form, such as unannounced test in order to keep the quality of management positions available. Please use to suit various situations.


■ For better understanding of business manners 
    As part of job hunting, also Can also be used as teaching material when learning the business manners.

■ For education in Japanese schools
    We know the Japanese culture through the spirit of Japan unique that hospitality, and to again improve the motivation to learn Japanese.